24 Jul 2024

KOMOTO face the future.

Taiwanese company KOMOTO Enterprise is showing through-the-windscreen face recognition system on its stand in hall 12. According to product manager Rick Huang, the system can be used in two ways; either to confirm the identity of errant drivers or to locate the whereabouts of a wanted individual.

The need to confirm the identify the drivers of speeding and red-light running vehicle for enforcement purposes is likely to account for the majority of uses. However, in countries issuing photo ID driving licenses, if license plate information is not available then the system can used to cross check the complete database of registered drivers to refer potential matches for human confirmation.

Alternatively, if the authority is hunting an individual, their image can be uploaded so the system will search for them via all cameras connected to the system. In both cases the number of potential matches is influenced by the size of the database being searched.

Also on the stand is a combined speed, ANPR and WIM package and the company's range of LED strobe (white light, IR and colored) designed for enforcement purposes.



Reference: https://www.itsinternational.com/products/komoto-unveils-through-windscreen-face-recognition